Valentina Loseva is available for Commissions from Life and Photograph.


Drawings can be on paper of any shape or size and in most colors. 

Sample sizes and prices: 

11 x 14in (28 x 35.6cm) 350.00

16 x 20in (40.6 x 50.8cm) 450.00

Orders usually take up to a month but can be expedited for a fee. 


Paintings can be on any size support of linen or canvas. Oil paint can sometimes take more than a month to dry. 

Sample sizes and prices: 

16 x 20in (40.6 x 50.8cm) 600.00

34 x 40in (55.9 x 81.3cm) 900.00

Your Vision

We make your vision come alive together. A work of art is by definition custom made and one of a kind.

Dream Wildly. 


I fell in love with Valentina's work at an East Village gallery show. Talking with her that evening and hearing about her history and process brought profound respect for the artist herself, as well. She is a rare talent with a keen eye and mind; I am delighted on a daily basis to have her work in my home.

Brian Healey, NYC

Valentina is a gifted artist of vision and authenticity. She was a pleasure to sit for and did a beautiful job on my portrait. In drawing me, she truly captured my energy and created an image that felt alive. I would love to work with her again.

Essie Martsinkovsky, Los Angeles

Not only is Valentina very professional, but her work is exceptional. She did an amazing job capturing the essence of Myko; his personality really shows through her work. 

Jessica Crokos,  Long Island

I have been a long time fan of Valentina's art. Behind every stroke of her instrument are years of practice and constant drive to perfection. Every section of the painting is there to fulfill its unique role in the composition- there is nothing extra or unnecessary. Just as we wish our lives to be-clear and to the point, thought provoking endeavors-just as a painting by Valentina.   

Mikhail Norov,  NYC 

I have known Valentina scince she was in college, and the truest thing about her then remains true of her today: she is an artist who paints not because she should, but because she must. Among my favorite possessions is a painting she painted on a piece of pressed board she found in the streets when we were studying in Paris, with pigments she carried from New York in her luggage-instead of clothes. Everything Valentina creates bears the mark of the authentic human being she is, one who stares down and challenges the most complex questions of human life. Of all the many pieces of art I own, Valentina's makes me smile the widest. 

Eduardo Lerro, NYC

I first saw Valentina's art in 2014 in a small gallery show on East 47th st. I immediately fell in love with a number of pieces, but especially her BiPortrait series, and was lucky enough to be able to purchase one of the pieces in the series before they all sold. The charcoal drawing of two moods superimposed over each other seemed to capture a feeling that I knew very well, and it's the piece I'm proudest to own. BiPortrait II makes something bold in a traditional medium, and speaks to the millennial experience. It never fails to draw attention or comment from visitors. It's alive and distinct and aggressively present, and a fantastic part of my home.

Sorrel Mae Stetson, NYC 

Valentina Loseva

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